flag of Arizona
The Grand Canyon State
Admitted February 14, 1912

The Arizona flag was designed in 1910 by Colonel Charles W. Harris, general of the Arizona National Guard, for the Arizona Rifle Team to use in competition. His wife, Mae Harris, sewed the first competition version.

Carl Hayden, Arizona’s first Representative, is also credited with the design and his wife, Nancy Hayden, sewed the first official flag.

The flag was officially adopted February 17, 1917.


The Arizona flag features a lower half of blue while the upper half features thirteen equally-sized beams, six gold and seven red, radiating from a copper five-pointed star, centered.

flag of Arizona


  • five-pointed star


    Arizona as one of the largest producers of copper

  • radiating lines


    the setting sun, the original thirteen colonies


The Arizona flag uses the same blue and red as the U.S. national flag.

Blue and gold are Arizona’s state colors.

Arizona does not provide Cable or Pantone values for the “old gold” or copper.The hex values here are approximations.
Cable No. 70075 Old Glory Blue
PMS 282c
Cable No. 70180 Old Glory Red
PMS 193C
Old Gold


Arizona statute specifies the proportion and spacing for the flag’s visual elements in feet.

The flag should have a hoist of 4 feet and a fly of 6 feet.

The copper star should be 2 feet tall and positioned 1 foot from the top and 1 foot from the bottom, horizontally centered.

construction sheet for the flag of Arizona