flag of Delaware
The First State
Admitted December 7, 1787

Delaware was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution and displays that date proudly on its flag.

A commission group was originally put together for the design, which resulted in the current version, the only one Delaware has flown. Like many other states, the Delaware flag features the state coat of arms, adopted in 1777.

The flag was officially adopted July 24, 1913.


The Delaware flag features a field of colonial blue surrounding a centered diamond of buff charged with the state coat of arms.

“December 7, 1787” (the date Delaware became a state) is inscribed below the diamond in white.

flag of Delaware


  • diamond


    the Diamond State, small but valuable

    Note: It was Thomas Jefferson who compared Delaware to a diamond.

  • farmer with a hoe


    farming, agriculture

  • man in uniform with rifle


    citizens’ role in protecting freedom

  • sheave of wheat



  • corn in husk



  • ox


    animal husbandry

  • wavy rectangle


    the Delaware River, transportation, commerce

  • ship with many sails


    shipbuilding, coastal trades

Coat of Arms

The flag features the Delaware coat of arms, adopted in 1777.

On the lower banner, the state motto “Liberty and Independence” is inscribed, also heard in the state song, “Our Delaware.”

the Delaware coat of arms


Colonial blue and buff are Delaware’s state colors.

The two colors were inspired by a military uniform George Washington once wore.

The Delaware Public Archives provides color values for the Munsell and Pantone 1995 color systems.

Values corresponding to imagery:Colonial Blue: field
Buff: diamond, rifleman’s binding, bag, and leggings
Gray Brown: farmer’s trousers
Brown: farmer’s hat and hoe, rifleman’s hat and gun stock, ship’s hull
Red Brown: cow
Red: farmer’s shirt
Flesh: face and hands
Orange: shield’s top panel
Yellow 1: shield’s frame, branches
Yellow 2: corn
Yellow 3: wheat
Green 1: rifleman’s suit
Green 2: grass and corn husk
Blue 1: shield’s center panel
Blue 2: emblem below ship
Silver: emblem below ship
Gray: rifleman’s flask, feather, and gun barrel
White: shield’s lower panel
Colonial Blue
Cable No. 10663 Arno Blue
Munsell 1.5B 6/4
Pantone S238-6
Cable No. 10781 Golden Beige
Munsell 10YR /74
Pantone S24-4
Gray Brown
Munsell 5Y 6/2
Pantone S42-7
Munsell 2.5YR 3/2
Pantone S317-1
Red Brown
Munsell 10R 4/6
Pantone S317-5
Munsell 5R 4/12
Pantone S89-1
Munsell 10R 9/2
Pantone S61-9
Munsell 7.5YR 7/12
Pantone S36-2
Yellow 1
Munsell 5Y 8/10
Pantone S5-3
Yellow 2
Munsell 5Y 8.5/12
Pantone S5-4
Yellow 3
Munsell 5Y 9/6
Pantone S5-5
Green 1
Munsell 5GY 4/4
Pantone S293-1
Green 2
Munsell 5GY 5/6
Pantone S293-2
Blue 1
Munsell 10B 6/6
Pantone S235-6
Blue 2
Munsell 2.5B 6/4
Pantone S238-6
Munsell 10B 8/1
Pantone S235-9
Munsell 2.5B 3/2
Pantone S327-3
Pantone White


Delaware statute doesn’t specify dimensions, but the flag is usually produced with a proportion of 2:3.

construction sheet for the flag of Delaware