flag of Guam
U.S. territory since April 11, 1899

The flag of Guam was first flown July 4, 1918 during a fair in Hagåtña. It featured the territory seal on a field of blue and showcased Chamorro imagery.

Its origins are disputed though, with both Helen Paul, a local teacher, and artist Francisco Feja receiving credit for its inspiration.

The flag was finally adopted April 4, 1930.

It has changed one time since when the red border was added and the imagery standardized in law.

This version was officially adopted February 9, 1948.


The Guam flag features an outer border of red and a panel of blue charged with the territory seal, centered.

flag of Guam


  • lens shape

    sling stone

    hunting, defense

  • palm tree

    coconut tree

    Tree of Life, endurance

  • small sailboat

    bay & proa

    Agana Bay, canoe building, sailing, generosity

  • cliff plateau in the distance

    Puntan Dos Amantes

    love, commitment, permanence


Guam statute names the colors featured in the official seal, but does not specify Cable or Pantone values.

The Flags and Anthems Manual for the London 2012 Olympic Games does provide Pantone colors for the Guam flag, as specified here.

PMS 281
PMS 032
Sky Blue
PMS 285
PMS 355
PMS 102
PMS 440
Pantone White


Guam statute specifies the proportion and spacing for the flag’s visual elements in inches.

The flag should have a hoist of 40 inches and a fly of 78 inches.

The red border is 2 inches wide and the seal at the center should be 24 inches tall and 16 inches wide.

construction sheet for the flag of Guam