flag of Michigan
The Great Lake State
Admitted January 26, 1837

The current Michigan flag is the third version for the state. Descriptions of the first two flags exist, but their specific designs have been lost to history.

The first Michigan flag was notable in its depiction of Governor Stevens T. Mason. He is the only real person besides George Washington to appear on a state flag.

Michigan’s flag now follows the common pattern of a field of blue charged with the state coat of arms.

This version was officially adopted June 26, 1911.


The Michigan flag features a field of blue charged with the state coat of arms, centered.

flag of Michigan


  • an elk and a mooose face each other on hind legs, their front legs on a shield

    elk & moose

    natural beauty, regional fauna

    Note: The elk and moose are said to be borrowed from the Hudson’s Bay Company coat of arms.

  • eagle with laurel and arrows in its claws


    freedom, peace, strength, the Union

  • a man holds a gun and waves on the shore

    armed man

    peace, strong defense

  • Tuebor


    I will defend

  • E Pluribus Unum on a banner


    national unity, Out of many, one

  • Latin words on a banner


    If You Seek a Pleasant Peninsula, Look About You

Coat of Arms

Established in 1835, the Michigan coat of arms bears resemblance to the coat of arms of the Hudson’s Bay Company, which also features an elk and moose as supports.

the Michigan coat of arms


Only azure and white (argent) are specifically mentioned in the statute for the coat of arms. No colors are specified for the flag.

The hex values here are approximations.


Michigan law doesn’t specify dimensions for its flag. It is usually produced with a proportion of 2:3.

construction sheet for the flag of Michigan

Previous iterations

  • a blank rectangle


    Lost to time, but as described: The first flag featured the coat of arms plus a woman and soldier. The reverse featured a portrait of Stevens T. Mason.

  • a blank rectangle


    Lost to time, but as described: The woman and soldier were removed from the obverse. Mason’s portrait was removed and the U.S. coat of arms was added to the reverse.

  • the current flag of Michigan


    The U.S. coat of arms were removed from the reverse.