flag of Mississippi
The Magnolia State
Admitted December 10, 1817

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Mississippi currently does not have a state flag.

Its controversial flag (and its second officially) was removed in June 2020 following nationwide Black Lives Matter protests.

Since Georgia changed its flag in 2003, Mississippi was the only U.S. flag to feature the Confederate battle flag, often called “The Southern Cross.”

This version of the flag was adopted February 7, 1894, almost 30 years after the end of the American Civil War.

The people of Mississippi previously voted (with a significant majority) to keep this version of the flag in a referendum on April 17, 2001.

A new design for the Mississippi state flag will be voted on in November 2020.


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flag of Mississippi


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Cable No. 70001 White
Pantone White


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construction sheet for the flag of Mississippi

Previous iterations

  • a magnolia tree centered on a field of white and a blue canton with one white five-pointed star. At the free end is a uniform perpendicular stripe of red


    The original Mississippi flag, known as the “Magnolia Flag.” The blue canton was modeled after the Bonnie Blue Flag, a symbolic banner of the Confederacy.

  • a fimbriated canton of red with a blue saltire, bordered in white and emblazoned with thirteen white five-pointed stars


    This controversial flag, featuring the Confederate battle flag, was removed in 2020 following nationwide Black Lives Matter protests.