flag of Missouri
The Show Me State
Admitted August 10, 1821

Like many other state flags, the Missouri flag begins with the Daughters of the American Revolution. They appointed Mary Elizabeth Oliver to lead a committee and in 1908 she brought her design to the state capitol.

Her flag competed against another design by Dr. G.H. Holcomb, but ultimately it was chosen as the first (and so far, only) Missouri state flag.

It was officially adopted March 22, 1913.


The Missouri state flag is a horizontal tricolor of red, white, and blue.

At the center, the state coat of arms is charged, surrounded by a circular band of blue emblazoned with 24 white five-pointed stars.

flag of Missouri


  • circle of 24 stars

    24 stars

    the states of the Union, including Missouri

  • a half-circle of 24 stars in 3 rows

    24 more stars

    Missouri as the 24th state

  • two bears face each other on hind legs


    strength, courage

  • a Knight’s helmet upon a circle that reads “United we stand, divided we fall”

    knight & shield

    strength and independence of the state, strength of the Union

  • crescent moon shape


    the immense potential for the future

  • eagle from the Great Seal of the U.S.


    freedom, strength, peace, the Union

  • Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto


    The Welfare of the People Shall Be the Supreme Law

  • Roman numberals MDCCCXX


    the Missouri Compromise

Coat of Arms

The Missouri coat of arms and state seal have been relatively unchanged since they were designed in 1822 by Judge Robert William Wells.

the Missouri coat of arms


The colors of the Missouri flag do have specific meaning. The red represents valor, white represents purity, and blue represents vigilance, permanency, and justice.

According to Missouri law and the Office of the Secretary of State, Missouri does not provide official Cable or Pantone values for the colors of the flag.The hex values here are approximations.
Light blue


The Missouri flag has a proportion of 7:12.

The width of the blue band around the center circle of the seal is 1/14 the width of the hoist.

The diameter of the circle is 1/3 the length of the fly.

construction sheet for the flag of Missouri