flag of Montana
The Treasure State
Admitted November 8, 1889

The Montana state flag was first flown by the First Territorial Infantry during the Spanish-American War. Colonel Harry C. Kessler commissioned this flag featuring the state seal on a field of blue.

The flag was officially adopted February 7, 1905, with the only change made to eliminate the text “1st Montana Infantry U.S.V.”

In 1981, the word “Montana” was added to the flag and in 1985, it was specified that Helvetica Bold be used.


The Montana flag features a field of blue charged with the state seal, in full color, centered.

Above the seal, the word “Montana” is inscribed in gold.

flag of Montana


  • shovel, pickax, and plow


    farming, mining

  • Oro y Plata


    natural resources, Gold and Silver

  • mountains, river, and sun


    natural beauty, the Great Falls of the Missouri River, the Rocky Mountains

Coat of Arms

The Montana coat of arms and state seal were designed in 1865 by Francis Thompson.

the Montana coat of arms


The Montana flag prominently features blue and gold, with supporting colors within the state seal.

Montana statute does not provide Cable or Pantone values for the colors of the flag.The hex values here are approximations.
Green 1
Green 2
Light Blue
Medium Blue


The Montana flag is usually produced with a proportion of 2:3.

The height of the letters in “Montana” should be 1/10 the width of the fly.

The typeface for “Montana” should be Helvetica in bold.

The flag can optionally have golden fringe along the upper and lower edges.

construction sheet for the flag of Montana

Previous iteration

The original state flag featured the seal, but the word ”Montana” wasn’t added until years later. This version flew from 1905–1981.

the original Montana flag