flag of Nebraska
The Cornhusker State
Admitted March 1, 1867

The flag of Nebraska follows a common pattern for U.S. state flags, featuring the state seal on a field of blue.

Nebraska was the last of the 48 contiguous states to adopt a flag and in 1925 its “banner” was adopted officially.

Despite a few attempts to update the state seal and the flag, it has remained unchanged since.

It did receive an upgrade to the status of “flag” from “banner” on July 16, 1963.


The Nebraska state flag features a field of blue charged with the state seal in gold and silver, centered.

flag of Nebraska


  • a blacksmith hammering an anvil


    mechanic arts

  • a cabin, farmland, and wheat

    cabin & wheat

    pioneers who settled and farmed the land, agricultural tradition

  • a steamboat on a river


    travel, commerce, the Missouri River

  • a train travels through the mountains


    industry, expansion, the Rocky Mountains

  • Equality before the law


    Equality Before the Law

    Note: Nebraska was the first and only state to grant black men the right to vote by Congressional mandate.

  • March 1st 1867

    March 1st 1867

    date Nebraska gained statehood

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms and state seal were established in 1867 when Nebraska gained statehood.

In 1921, a bill was introduced to redesign the seal. Bertram Goodhue (the architect of the Nebraska State Capitol) designed the seal and the bill overwhelmingly passed the Nebraska House. It was opposed in the senate though and has remained unchanged.

the Nebraska coat of arms


The Nebraska flag features a field of “national blue.”

Nebraska statute does not provide Cable or Pantone values for the other colors of the flag.The hex values here are approximations.
Cable No. 70075 Old Glory Blue
PMS 282c


Nebraska law does not specicy dimensions or proportion for the flag.

The original state flag was produced with a hoist of 4 feet, 6 inches and a fly of 5 feet, 6 inches.

Currently the flag is commonly produced with a proportion of 3:5.

construction sheet for the flag of Nebraska