flag of Nevada
The Silver State
Admitted October 31, 1864

Nevada has flown four state flags, with a notable third version resulting from a mistake in legislature that went unnoticed for 60 years.

The flag was designed in 1926 by Reno museum curator, Louis Shellback III. His flag was the winning entry in a design contest sponsored by Lt. Governor Maurice J. Sullivan.

It was adopted in 1929, but the inscription of the word “Nevada” (with letters placed between the points of the star) was incorrectly described. It was noticed and updated years later and “Nevada” was moved below the star where it was originally intended.

The corrected version of the flag was approved by the governor June 8, 1991, and finally implemented in October of the same year.


The Nevada flag features a field of cobalt blue. In the canton is a variant of the state’s emblem which centers a silver five-pointed star.

Above the star is a gold banner with “Battle Born” inscribed in black. Below the star “Nevada” is inscribed also in gold and it is surrounded by two sprays of green sagebrush with gold flowers.

flag of Nevada


  • star


    Nevada, natural silver resources

    Note: It was the discovey of silver ore that attracted many to the area in the 1850’s

  • to crossed sprigs of sagebrush


    state flower, regional flora

  • a banner reading “Battle Born”


    Nevada joining the Union during the Civil War

    Note: Nevada’s official state motto is “All for Our Country.”


Nevada’s flag specifications provide Pantone values for each of the flag’s five colors.

Values corresponding to imagery:Cobalt Blue: field
Gold: scroll, flowers, “Nevada”
Green: sagebrush sprays and leaves
White: star
Black: “Battle Born”
Cobalt Blue
PMS 286
PMS 137
PMS 348
Pantone White
Pantone Black


The Nevada flag can be produced with different proportions including 2:3, 3:5, or 5:8.

Nevada law specifies the proportion and spacing for the flag’s visual elements, which is rendered here.

The flag should be produced single faced, obverse side only.

construction sheet for the flag of Nevada

Previous iterations

  • a field of blue with “Nevada” inscribed at the center horizontally flanked by two silver stars and vertically flanked by two rows of stars in gold and silver; “Silver” inscribed at the top, “Gold” at the bottom


    Designed by Governor John Sparks and Adjutant General Harry Day, featuring 36 stars (the 36th state) and Nevada’s rich natural resources.

  • a field of blue charged with the coat of arms surrounded by a lens shape of gold and silver stars


    Designed by schoolteacher Clara Crisler and features the state coat of arms.

  • similar to the current flag, but with the letters of “Nevada” making a ring around the star


    Schellback’s design with the letters of “Nevada” incorrectly surrounding the star.

  • the current flag of Nevada


    The corrected version of the Schellback design, with “Nevada” below the star.