New York

flag of New York
The Empire State
Admitted July 26, 1788

The New York flag, one of unusually wide proportion, follows a common pattern for U.S. state flags, featuring the state coat of arms on a field of blue.

It spotlights many images seen in other state seals and flags like the goddess Liberty, Phrygian cap, and bald eagle, among others.

An original version of the flag was adopted in 1788, but the current iteration was officially adopted April 2, 1901.


The New York flag features a field of deep blue charged with the state coat of arms, centered.

flag of New York


  • the goddess Liberty holding a staff topped with a phrygian cap


    the goddess Liberty, freedom

  • the goddess Justice, blindfolded, holding a sword and the scales


    the goddess Justice, fighting tyranny

  • a phrygian cap

    phrygian cap


  • a crown on its side

    toppled crown

    freedom from England after the Revolutionary War

  • scales


    justice and equality under the law

  • eagle atop a globe with wings spread

    eagle & globe

    Europe and the Americas, the meeting of two worlds

  • two sailboats on the water with mountains and the sun behind

    Hudson River

    natural beauty, commerce by waterway

  • a banner inscribed with “Excelsior”


    Ever Upward, progress

Coat of Arms

The New York coat of arms was originally designed in 1777 and officially adopted on March 16th, 1778 (a few months before statehood).

A commission was appointed in 1880 to standardize its presentation.

the New York coat of arms


The prominent color is a deep blue, with supporting colors within the coat of arms.

New York statute does not provide Cable or Pantone values for the colors of the flag.The hex values here are approximations.
Light Blue


The New York flag is usually produce with a proportion of 1:2.

construction sheet for the flag of New York

Previous iteration

The New York flag previously had a field of buff, matching the color of troop uniforms. In 1901 it was changed to a field of blue to better follow the design of other military flags.

a field of buff charged with the state coat of arms