North Carolina

flag of North Carolina
The Tar Heel State
Admitted November 21, 1789

The first official flag of North Carolina was adopted a month after the state seceded from the union in 1861. The design of the flag is credited to Raleigh artist, William G. Browne.

The flag has had two other versions since, with a redesign introduced in 1885 by then state Adjutant General, Johnston Jones.

The current version of the flag was adopted in 1991.


The North Carolina flag features a blue union the full width of the flag and one-third the length. The remaining area is a horizontal bicolor of red and white.

Within the blue union is a white five-pointed star flanked by the letters ‘N’ and ‘C’ in gold.

They are encircled by two scrolls inscribed with two dates: “May 20th, 1775” above and “April 12th, 1776” below.

flag of North Carolina


  • a star flanked with the letters “N” and “C”

    star, N, & C

    North Carolina

  • a banner inscribed with the date May 20th 1775

    May 20th 1775

    the alleged Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence (disputed by historians)

    Note: Historians do agree that on May 31st, 1775 Mecklenburg County adopted the Mecklenburg Resolves, a set of anti-British resolutions, more than a year before the U.S. Declaration would be signed.

  • a banner inscribed with the date April 12th 1776

    April 12th 1776

    the date North Carolina authorized its delegates to vote for declaring independence to the Continental Congress

    Note: The resolutions were written and they became known as the Halifax Resolves.


The North Carolina flag uses the same red, white, and blue as the U.S. national flag.

North Carolina statute does not provide Cable or Pantone values for the gold of the flag.The hex value here is approximate.
Cable No. 70075 Old Glory Blue
PMS 282c
Cable No. 70180 Old Glory Red
PMS 193C
Cable No. 70001 White
Pantone White


The flag’s length should be half more than its width (a proportion of 2:3).

The length of the blue union should be the same as the widths of the horizontal red and white stripes.

construction sheet for the flag of North Carolina

Previous iterations

  • a bicolor of blue and white with a hoist-side red union charged with a white star and surrounded by two dates: May 20th 1775 and May 20th 1861


    Designed by William G. Browne. “May 20th 1861” is the date North Carolina seceded to join the Confederacy.

  • similar to the current flag but with a narrower blue union and different proportion


    Blue and red stripes are swapped and the letters ‘N’ and ‘C’ are added. “May 20th 1861” is replaced with “April 12th 1776” and both dates get golden scrolls underneath.

  • the current flag


    The current flag of North Carolina. It is widened to a 2:3 proportion instead of 3:4.