North Dakota

flag of North Dakota
The Peace Garden State
Admitted November 2, 1889

North Dakota’s flag was introduced in a 1911 bill by Colonel John H. Fraine.

Fraine led the North Dakota infantry during the Philippine–American War, where a similar flag (the U.S. coat of arms on a field of blue) was flown.

To make identifying the flag easier, “North Dakota” was added on a scroll of red and gold.

The flag was officially adopted March 3, 1911.


The North Dakota flag features a field of blue charged with a left-facing eagle, centered.

Upon the eagle’s chest is a shield with seven red and six white alternating stripes. The eagle clasps an olive branch and a sheaf of arrows. In its mouth, it holds a banner inscribed with “E Pluribus Unum.”

Above the eagle are thirteen gold stars underneath golden sun rays.

Below the eagle, “North Dakota” is inscribed on a scroll of red and gold.

flag of North Dakota


  • a half-circle of serrated, radiating beams

    sun rays

    the birth of a new nation

  • a half-circle of two rows of stars

    13 stars

    the original thirteen colonies

  • an eagle holding a banner in its mouth and holding laurel and arrows in its claws


    freedom, strength, peace, the United States

  • a banner inscribed with “North Dakota”

    North Dakota

    North Dakota


The State Historical Society of North Dakota provides specific Pantone values for the colors included in the flag.

Values corresponding to imagery:Blue: field
Red: banners, shield’s stripes, berries, eagle’s tongue
Gold: rays, stars, banner’s scroll, eagle’s eye
Yellow: eagle’s claws
Yellow-Green: olive leaves
Green: olive branch and leaves
Medium Blue: shield’s chief, “North Dakota”
Silver: eagle’s feathers, arrowheads #4-5
Dark Brown: eagle’s feathers, arrow tails, arrowhead #7
Medium Brown: eagle’s feathers, arrowhead #6
Tan: eagle’s feathers, arrowheads #1-3
White: shield’s stripes, eagle’s eye
Black: eagle’s nose and eye
PMS 654C
PMS 187C
PMS 131C
PMS 1225C
PMS 384C
PMS 356C
Medium Blue
PMS 301C
PMS 409C
Dark Brown
PMS 469C
Medium Brown
PMS 1535C
PMS 468C


North Dakota statute specifies the flag and eagle’s dimensions in feet and inches.

It uses an unusual proportion of 26:33 (a hoist of 4 feet, 4 inches and a fly of 5 feet, 6 inches), but it is often produced with a 3:5 proportion.

The eagle should be 3 feet, 4 inches wing to wing and 1 foot, 10 inches from head to olive branch.

The flag can have an optional border of knotted yellow fringe 2 and 1/2 inches wide.

construction sheet for the flag of North Dakota