flag of Oregon
The Beaver State
Admitted February 14, 1859

Oregon has a unique state flag despite it featuring its coat of arms on a field of blue (like many others). Since Massachusetts updated its flag in 1971, Oregon is the only state with a different design on its reverse.

The state has only flown this one flag, though newspapers and legislators have tried to gain momentum for a redesign.

The flag was officially adopted relatively late on April 15, 1925.


The Oregon flag’s obverse features a field of blue charged with the state coat of arms in gold, centered. “State of Oregon” and “1859” are inscribed in gold, above and below the coat of arms respectively.

The flag’s reverse is also a field of blue charged with a gold beaver on a log and facing right, centered.

flag of Oregon


  • a shield shape of 33 stars

    33 stars

    Oregon as the 33rd state to join the Union

  • an eagle with wings spread


    freedom, strength, peace

  • a plow with a sheave of wheat

    plow, pickax, & wheat

    animal husbandry, mining, farming

  • a covered wagon pulled by oxen

    conestoga wagon

    the Oregon Trail

  • a banner inscribed with “The Union”

    the Union

    Oregon as part of the United States

  • two ships on the water at a distance with the sun radiating behind


    the end of British rule

    Note: The ships are a British Man-of-war departing the Pacific shore, while an American steamship arrives.

  • 1859


    the year Oregon gained statehood

  • a right-facing beaver on a log


    state animal, regional fauna

Coat of Arms

Oregon has had a few versions of its seal and coat of arms. Previous iterations featured a salmon, Native American man, and the state motto “Alis Volat Propriis” which translates to “She flies with her own wings.”

This version was first designed in 1857 and adopted in 1859 when Oregon became a state.

the Oregon coat of arms


The Oregon flag features the state colors of navy blue and gold.

Oregon statute describes the colors of the flag, but doesn’t provide Cable or Pantone values.The hex values here are approximations.
Navy Blue


Oregon statute does not include dimensions for the flag and there are conflicting records.

According to William Hill’s The codes and general laws of Oregon from 1892, the flag should have a hoist of 6 feet and a fly of 6 feet, 6 inches.

A 1959 letter to Lt. Colonel James S. Cook from State Librarian Eloise Ebert cites that Oregon law specifies a hoist of 4 feet, 4 inches and a fly of 5 feet, 6 inches.

Despite this, the first state flag was produced with a 2:3 proportion at 4 feet by 6 feet, and the flag is still commonly produced with these dimensions.

construction sheet for the flag of Oregon