Puerto Rico

flag of Puerto Rico
U.S. territory since April 11, 1899

The Revolutionary Flag of Lares (Puerto Rico’s first flag) was knitted in 1868 by independence leader Mariana Bracetti. It flew that same year during El Grito de Lares, the first major revolt against Spanish colonial rule.

The current design is credited to Antonio Vélez Alvarado who took inspiration from the flag of Cuba and inversed the colors, using a light sky blue. This version flew during Intentona de Yauco, the second major revolt in 1897.

The flag became and has remained a symbol of pride and resistance for Puerto Rico. So much so, in 1948 a law was passed making it illegal to fly the flag in an attempt to stifle rebellion. It wasn’t repealed until 1957.

Despite the Gag Law still in effect, the flag (with a darker blue and newly defined symbolism) was officially adopted in 1952 when Puerto Rico established its own constitution.


The Puerto Rico flag features five equally-sized, horizontal alternating stripes, three red and two white.

An equilateral triangle of blue fills the width of the hoist and extends toward the center.

Upon the blue triangle, a white five-pointed star is charged.

flag of Puerto Rico


The meaning of the flag’s colors and imagery was redefined in 1952. The original symbolism is also included here.

  • a right-pointing triangle

    blue triangle

    three branches of government, republic

    Original: sky, sea

  • star

    white star

    The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

    Original: the island of Puerto Rico

  • three spaced stripes

    red stripes

    nourishment of government

    Original: blood of revolution

  • two spaced stripes

    white stripes

    individual liberty, rights

    Original: victory and peace through independence


Puerto Rico statute does not specify color values for the flag. Flags are manufactured in a variety of blues, including the dark blue and sky blue versions.

The Flags and Anthems Manual for the London 2012 Olympic Games does provide Pantone colors for the Puerto Rico flag, as specified here.

The colors of the flag hold special original meaning. This color symbolism was redefined in 1952. Both are described above in the Iconography section.

PMS 281
PMS 032
Pantone White


Puerto Rico statute does not specify dimensions or proportion for the flag.

It is commonly produced with a proportion of 2:3.

All the stripes should be equal width and the each side of the blue triangle should be equal.

construction sheet for the flag of Puerto Rico

Previous iterations

  • a quadrisection divided by a symmetric cross of white; the top two quadrants are blue and the hoist-side one is charged with a white star; the bottom two quadrants are red


    The Revolutionary Flag of Lares, flown during rebellion against Spain. Based on the flag of the Dominican Republic.

  • the current flag with a sky blue triangle


    Design by Alvarado based on the flag of Cuba, but featuring a sky blue triangle and red/white stripes.

  • the current flag


    The blue is darkened to better match the blue of the U.S. flag.