flag of Utah
The Beehive State
Admitted January 4, 1896

In prepration for the 1903 St. Louis World’s Fair, the Utah Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) created an unofficial flag. It was embroidered by Agnes Frenelius of Zion’s Cooperative Mercantile Institution.

The flag, a field of blue with the coat of arms in white, was officially adopted March 9, 1911.

In 1913, a full color version was adopted.

In 1922, Dollie McMonegal embroidered the flag with an error (the year 1847 was moved outside of the shield). This was copied and reproduced for years, until the error was noticed by vexillologist John M. Hartvigsen in the 1980s.

It wasn’t until February 2011 that Utah adopted a concurrent resolution requiring flag makers to fix the mistake.

In 2021, the Utah State Flag Task Force was created to redesign the flag. A final design was chosen in 2023, merging elements from public submissions by Mark Brooks, Sarina Ehrgott, and early prototype designs by Ben Barnes. The new flag was officially adopted March 9, 2024.


The Utah flag features two irregular, horizontal lines creating three segments of blue, white, and red. The higher horizontal line forms five peaks.

At the center, a blue hexagon contains a smaller hexagon outlined in gold. Inside the hexagon is a gold beehive consisting of five hive sections. Below is a five-pointed white star.

flag of Utah


  • a beehive made of five geometric segments


    industry, community, 1847 when pioneers settled in Utah

  • five-pointed star

    five-pointed star

    hope, 1896 when Utah gained statehood, the five historical tribal nations

  • hexagon


    strength of Utah’s people

  • segment with peaked lower border

    top segment

    Utah’s skies, faith

  • segment with peaked upper embroidered

    middle segment

    snowy mountains, indigenous people

  • segement with triangular cutout

    bottom segment

    Utah’s red rocks and unique landscape, perseverance


The official colors of the flag are white, gold, red, and blue.

Utah statute does not yet specify Cable or Pantone values.The hex values here are approximations.


The Utah state flag should be constructed with a 3:5 width to length proportion.

Utah statute does not yet specify any other proportions.

construction sheet for the flag of Utah

Previous iterations

  • a field of blue charged with the state coat of arms in white


    The original DAR flag, adopted in 1911.

  • a field of blue charged with the coat of arms in full color and surrounded by a gold circle; the year 1947 is placed below the shield


    The coat of arms is changed to full color, encircled with gold. The incorrect McMonegal version is shown here.

  • similar to the historic flag but with slightly different artwork


    A prototype design by the Colonial Flag Company.

  • the historic flag featuring the coat of arms


    An enhanced version of the 2011 prototype created by Perry Van Schelt. Designated the “historic state flag” in 2023 and replaced in 2024.

  • the current flag featuring the beehive and five-pointed star


    The current flag, adopted in 2024.